PC players were pretty excited when Blizzard announced that “Destiny 2” would be available on their platform, Blizzard made the announcement earlier this year ahead of E3, and soon they will be able to test the game out for themselves. “Destiny 2” will be available for PC on October 24 via Battle.net, Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service, but the PC “Destiny 2” beta is happening in just a matter of days.

Starting on August 29, players worldwide are invited to experience “Destiny 2” on PC, including the opening story mission called ‘Homecoming’. The PC beta will also include cooperative and competitive modes, so you’ll really get a great sense of the game before it launches. All who pre-order Destiny 2 can jump into the action with early access to the beta on August 28. In the story of Destiny 2, the last safe city on Earth has fallen and lay in ruins, occupied by a powerful new enemy and his elite army, the Red Legion. Every player creates their own character called a “Guardian,” humanity’s chosen protectors. As a Guardian in Destiny 2, players must master new abilities and weapons to reunite the city’s forces, stand together and fight back to reclaim their home.

Blizzard also put together a teaser-trailer for the Beta, which you can watch below.

If you’re wondering if you rig can handle “Destiny 2,” Blizzard released the Destiny 2 PC requirements earlier this summer. They actually aren’t that bad, with just an Intel i5-2400AMD or Ryzen R5 1600X CPU as the recommended option, coupled with a GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390 GPU. If you want to squeak by with just the minimum, you will need an Intel i3-3250 or AMD – FX-4350 CPU, paired with a GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB GPU. In either case, Blizzard is suggesting you have at least 6GB of RAM to enjoy the game.

Of course if your PC is a little out of date, you can also go with the PS4 or Xbox One versions ($59 at Amazon). Pre-ordering the console versions will come with quite a few perks, and you won’t have to upgrade your rig.