It’s taken longer than expected, but Spotify has finally found its way to the Xbox One console. Microsoft confirmed that Spotify will now be available to download to the Xbox One from the app store this week, allowing you to craft your own soundtrack for your favorite games. It’s certainly a feature that fans have been requesting, as listening to your own music is a favored pastime for players that are grinding away in MMOs, or playing FPS and need a little kick to keep the energy levels up.

The app will be available to users as early as today, Spotify is launching its app on the Xbox One across 34 markets around the world. According to the announcement today, users can download the Spotify app from the Xbox Store and begin their own customized gaming experience. Players will have the option to choose from their own saved music, or they can search the full Spotify catalogue of 30 million tracks. Users will also have the option to browse the pre-curated gaming playlists in the ‘Gaming’ hub.

Anyone can play their music using their Xbox One controller, you can have a free subscription plan or have a Premium plan. Users also have the option to use the Spotify app to wirelessly control their music, using Spotify Connect on the desktop, or the Spotify app on phones or tablets.

The playlist gallery is already filled with curated content for players to enjoy, but most players will probably prefer to make their own soundtracks for the FPS and open-world games of their liking. To find more information on the downloading the app to your Xbox One, or for instructions on how to control your music through your smartphone or tablet, you can visit Microsoft’s website at

Microsoft is celebrating the launch of Spotify on the Xbox One with a playlist curated by Major Nelson himself, you will find that playlist featured after you download the app and start exploring.