Fans of First Person Shooters can jump into the world of “LawBreakers” on PS4 and PC today. The new title is the latest release from Cliff Bleszinski and his new Boss Key Productions. The team-based shooter focuses on fast-paced vertical combat, allowing players to deliver fatal blows from every direction utilizing innovative movement systems and combat abilities. Players can choose between nine dynamic roles, eight gravity-defying maps, and five game modes in high-intensity multiplayer team-based battles.

“From the beginning, we committed ourselves at Boss Key to find the fun first when making LawBreakers, and place gameplay ahead of everything else. Since then, we’ve worked to push the genre into a new direction, taking everything we’ve learned in the past to deliver a super fast FPS that challenges gamers to be their best and truly compete in gravity-defying combat,” said Cliff Bleszinski, co-founder and CEO, Boss Key Productions. “We’re thankful to all the fans that participated in the various alphas and betas we rolled out. We always strived to do ‘open development,’ and found that being upfront and honest with our testing, along with no NDAs, provided invaluable, transparent feedback. Without this rapport, the game wouldn’t be what it is today – and we think we have something really special because of it.”

“LawBreakers” is launching simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and Steam today ($29 at Amazon), the company also stated that all future, non-cosmetic content updates are included at this price.

“We’re very proud to be publishing the debut title for Boss Key Productions, one of the hottest new American game development studios,” said Jungsoo Lee, General Manager of Nexon America, the California-based publisher of LawBreakers. “We truly believe Cliff and team have developed something great, breathing fresh air into the multiplayer FPS genre and pushing it to a new level. The game is generating so much player excitement.”