Sony’s “The Dark Tower” was projected to win the box-office this weekend, but the highly-anticipated thriller isn’t a shoe-in just yet. “The Dark Tower” scared away most of the competition leading into the weekend, with only the thriller “Kidnap”” sharing the same debut schedule. It seems that early reviews may have scared away moviegoers from both films, but Sony has sailed above bad-reviews in the past (think Spider-Man and Emoji Movie). With the two major-releases missing the mark with reviewers, earlier releases like “Dunkirk,” “Girls Trip,” and “Detroit,” all stand to gain the most ground.

As we mentioned earlier, “The Dark Tower” seemed like an easy win for Sony. The film stars Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba in leading roles, and the film also had the benefit of Stephen King’s brand recognition. Despite all of this, the film only brought in $7.8 million across 3,451 locations on Friday, and that includes the Thursday night previews. If you go by the regular formula, that gives the “The Dark Tower” a $19M opening weekend on the domestic charts, which is even less than Sony’s animated-comedy “The Emoji Movie” made last weekend. With an estimated budget of $60M overall, the film could easily make up the difference overseas, but bad-reviews may haunt the film’s domestic screenings throughout its showing in theaters. To give you an idea of just how bad the reviews are, “The Dark Tower” now sits at 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. That being said, “The Emoji Movie” sits at just 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the animated-comedy opened at number-two at the Weekend Box-Office last weekend with a $25M debut. That was enough to beat “Atomic Blonde,” which opened at number-four with $18M.

With “Dark Tower” and “Kidnap” failing to connect, “Dunkirk” may take its third week in a row at number-one. The film brought in another $5M across 4,014 locations on Friday, and is on-track for a $17M weekend overall. Too close to call just yet, but “Dunkirk” could reach over $130M domestically this week. There’s a tight-race between “Dark Tower” and “Dunkirk” for the top-spot at the domestic box-office, but third-place is anyone’s game at this point. The aforementioned “Emoji Movie” and “Girls Trip” could easily take bronze this weekend, and “Kidnap” is just a wash that could crawl to third-place if it’s lucky. The “Emoji Movie” grossed $3.8M on Friday, while “Girls Trip” pulled-in $3.6M overall. Halle Berry’s “Kidnap” grossed $3.7M over the same time-period, and is tracking for a $10M debut.