If you own an Apple TV you might want to consider setting up PLEX on your home network. Back in June we talked about the LIVE TV and DVR functionality that was available to PLEX users through a BETA program that the company was in the middle of testing. With the data from the BETA test compiled, Apple TV users can start taking advantage of the features that were available throughout the testing phase.

PLEX has expanded the live-television streaming functionality to work with Apple TV and Android mobile devices, something that Android users have been asking for over the past few weeks. The PLEX app on Apple TV has limitations, so you won’t be able to schedule recordings directly from the Apple TV app, but you will be able to schedule them through the PLEX mobile or PLEX desktop applications. Apple TV users will have the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward their recorded live TV segments, just like they would be able to on a traditional DVR device.

If you want your devices to stream LIVE TV through PLEX, there are a few steps that you need to do first. As we mentioned back in June, you will need a TV Tuner and a PC that is running PLEX. You will also need a PLEX Pass Subscription, which costs $5/month, or $120 for a lifetime. After a fairly easy setup, you will then be able to watch over-the-air programming (all live) from networks like FOX, CBS, NBC, and whatever channels you get in your area. With the PLEX app running on your computer, you can then record, set recordings, and eventually stream all of this content to your mobile devices and other computers (or an Apple TV) that have the PLEX app installed as well. You will want to pick-up a TV Tuner like the HDHomeRun (starting at $99 at Amazon). The card that goes into your TV Tuner is usually available straight from your cable-operator, for Time Warner it was under $10/month.

Your main computer works as the central-storage for all of your content, and your mobile devices and other PLEX installed devices can stream the content over your network. You can also stream movies, recorded content, music, or media shared from your devices that have PLEX installed.

It’s a great way for cord-cutters to get over-the-air programming on all of their devices, and have a DVR-like system in place without having to pay the cable company a dime. You can find more information on TV Tuners on the Plex website, as well as find more information about PLEX in general.