Microsoft had an exciting announcement awaiting fans today, detailing a new Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID. The Fingerprint ID mechanic will bring the added security, and instant sign-in inconvenience, of Windows Hello fingerprint sign-in to any computer that you own with Windows 10. Not only that, but it’s a wireless option that looks pretty fantastic.

If you’re new to Windows Hello, the functionality allows users to go beyond the password, and allows you to instantly lock and unlock your PC whenever you like. You are probably familiar with the idea if you own a modern iOS or Android smartphone. In the announcement Microsoft stated, “Studies show more than 80 percent of people use the same password across multiple web sites, managing around 20-30 different accounts. We want to make sure that everyone running Windows 10 can experience the beautiful relief that comes from letting go of your written Pa55w0Rd5! So we worked to deliver a predictable, intent-driven and simple solution for someone to quickly and securely log into their PC, or authenticate an action.”

Not only will you be able to sign into your Windows devices, but there are a few compatible apps that have already started using Widows Hello integration., with Windows Hello in less than 2 seconds – that’s 3 times faster than a password that you have to remember and type in. The Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID gives you the choice to go wireless, or wired, through a Bluetooth 4.0 and hardwire connection. Microsoft’s ARC and WEDGE designs were a popular seller in the keyboard and mouse department (starting at $22 at Amazon), and we are excited to test out this new option.

If you want to add onto the purchase, you can grab the new Microsoft Modern Mouse to complete the look. Microsoft stated, “The raised arc of the Microsoft Modern Mouse supports your palm in a natural resting position, and reduces the tension on your risk, to keep your hand relaxed as you point and click. The metal scroll wheel feels solid under your finger, and you don’t have to worry about wires thanks to Wireless Bluetooth, plus it has up to 12 months of battery life.”

The keyboard and mouse are already available to purchase ($129 at Amazon).