Square Enix is getting ready to launch the next expansion for “Final Fantasy XV,” which will bring multiplayer game-modes to the popular RPG. Players can look forward to an exclusive preview of “Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades by participating in the upcoming Closed Online test. Now is a pretty good time to pick up “Final Fantasy XV” currently ($34 at Amazon).

Available through Thursday, August 3rd and Wednesday, August 9th, the Closed Online Test will take place simultaneously worldwide. Players will be able to create their own custom avatars and join up to three friends to participate in multiplayer quests to bring the Light back to the Kingdom of Lucis. Players will also be able to interact with friends through voice chat and preset chat messages.

All eligible players who meet the entry conditions will be able to download and participate in the Comrades Closed Online Test from the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Store throughout the duration of the test. In the announcement Square Enix did state, “The content from the test version will be different to the final product. Players will not be able to carry their data over from the Closed Online Test to the final version.”

The full version of the expansion will be available later this year and requires “Final Fantasy XV” and the purchase of either Comrades expansion or the Season Pass ($25 at Amazon). It also requires a subscription to an Xbox Live Gold membership or a PlayStation Plus subscription.

The publisher will probably release a few teasers and gameplay trailers for the new expansion over the next few weeks. Players that wish to know more about the requirements, and other details regarding the new expansion, can visit the official website at Square Enix. The publisher also stopped short of announcing the exact launch date for the finished build, but will most likely have one ready for players once testing is complete.