Current Amazon Prime members should look for a new Prime Video series from the Funny or Die team. The new FoD Original comedy mini-series is called “The Real Stephen Blatt” (free on Prime Video) and stars Justin Long. The complete series is now available to Prime members to stream ad-free at no additional charge to their membership via Amazon’s self-service program, Amazon Video Direct (AVD). Today’s announcement marks the first time Funny or Die has premiered a series exclusively on Amazon.

The Real Stephen Blatt focuses on 16 year-old Stephen Blatt, played by Justin Long (Inside Amy Schumer, New Girl, Portlandia), who becomes obsessed with social media after receiving an iPhone for his birthday. His pursuit of fame leads to a life he could’ve never imagined. Prime Members can also find a library of short-form Funny or Die digital titles on Prime Video, including “The Very Best of Will Ferrell,” “The Very Best of James Franco,” “Drunk History,” and “Between Two Ferns,” just to name a few.

“We have seen tremendous success with introducing Funny or Die content to the Amazon Prime viewers,” said Brian Toombs, VP of Partner Content at Funny or Die. “The audience really embraced our programming and we are excited to premiere ‘The Real Stephen Blatt’ series exclusively on Prime Video.”

The Funny or Die content available on Prime Video is published thru Amazon Video Direct – a self-service program for creators and distributors to make their video content available to Amazon customers. According to Amazon, Funny or Die ranks as one of Amazon Video Direct’s most popular digital partners in terms of customer engagement. FoD’s website has found terrific success in crafting short-form digital content for readers, in addition to the company’s  frequently returning series. The website often offers funny takes and daily memes of trending topics, as well as collections of gifs, tweets, and photos collected throughout social-media platforms.