After months of testing at the “Squid Research Lab,” Nintendo is launching “Splatoon 2” on Nintendo Switch. Players can also check out the new SplatNet 2 mobile service, which is a part of the Nintendo Switch Online app for mobile devices.

SplatNet 2 lets you track things like stage schedules, gear and stats. Nintendo coevered a lot of the details on Splatnet during a special Nintendo Direct presentation, and you can rewatch the video if you need a quick refresher. Nintendo also shared details about the game-modes, weapons and styles of “Splatoon 2” during the live-stream. Fans watching the video will also be introduced to two new characters: Pearl and Marina. Pearl and Marina are the new hosts of Inkopolis News and the recurring Splatfest competitions. The first Splatfest competition after launch will occur the first weekend in August and asks your condiment of choice: mayonnaise or ketchup? (Nintendo added that specific timing will be announced in the future.) New Splatfest competitions, as well as free updates to the game like new stages, weapons and gear, will be coming to Splatoon 2 on a regular basis.

Players can start diving into the online and local multiplayer modes in the game today, or the fun single-player adventure. The new Salmon Run mode can be played at any time locally and is also available to play online at designated times, just like Splatfest.

In addition to the game and SplatNet 2, three new Splatoon series amiibo figures are also launching today. The new models include Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Inkling Squid. By tapping any Splatoon series amiibo figure you can save control settings, gear and weapon loadouts, as well as any clever nicknames. You can have a different set saved to each amiibo for quick access.

Two years have passed since the original “Splatoon” was released, and that means that two years have also passed in the game. This means that many of those styles and weapons you remember from the first game have evolved into things even more stylish and current.

Splatoon 2 is now available in stores ($59 at Amazon) and online in Nintendo eShop. The new Splatoon series amiibo are available at a suggested retail price of $12.99 each.