Around 25 years ago, Nickelodeon brought “Rocko’s Modern Life” to the small screen, and today, the network brought the reboot to San Diego Comic-Con. The network also brought along a preview clip of the one-hour TV special, which is based on the ‘90s hit of the same name. Rocko’s original creator, Joe Murray, was also brought back to work on the project as executive producer, and the original cast will voicing your favorite friends.

Originally airing from 1993-1996, the animated Rocko’s Modern Life follows the adventures of an Australian wallaby named Rocko and his two companions, Heffer Wolfe and Filburt, through their adventures in their home of O-Town.

Fans can watch the SDCC preview below.

“Following our news about Hey Arnold! and Legends of the Hidden Temple, greenlighting a Rocko’s Modern Life TV special is another strong example of how we are bringing our library content back for both new audiences and the generation that grew up on them in the ‘90s,” said Chris Viscardi, SVP, Content Development, Nickelodeon Franchise Properties. “It’s a testament to the strength and appeal of these characters that so many people have loved Nick animation for these last 25 years, and we are excited to bring them back for new stories and adventures.”

Nickelodeon will also be bringing back “Hey Arnold!” in “Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie“. That will also be a TV movie, and will feature a storyline picking up from where the original series ended in 2004. The network said that it will resolve a few unanswered questions and plotlines, including Arnold finally getting answers about the whereabouts of his missing parents. The reboots don’t stop there, Nickelodeon will premiere its “Legends of the Hidden Temple” original TV movie, based on its ‘90s game show of the same name, in 2017 as well. Drawing from the original show’s premise of kids competing to retrieve artifacts from a mysterious Mayan temple, the new action-adventure TV movie version will follow three siblings who embark on a high-stakes, life-or-death mission.