Players can join the adventures in Ivalice today with the release of “Final Fantasy: XII The Zodiac Age” for the PS4. The game is a remake of the 2006 original hit, offering remastered HD graphics and enhanced soundtrack. The game also offers a revamped battle system, but there are other advancements as well. If you enjoyed the original (or missed it) the definitive version offers the best option for new and old players alike. Amazon Prime members can pick up the game for $39 for the PS4.

“Final Fantasy: XII The Zodiac Age” features the unique and innovative gambit system, now updated and joined by the brand-new Zodiac Job System, which overhauls the original License Board system and gives players the ability to develop two of 12 jobs for each character. These updates, alongside the newly implemented speed mode, auto-save functionality, and shortened loading times, will allow players to experience a grand adventure that spans the world of Ivalice in an entirely fresh and improved way.

The Final Fantasy: XII The Zodiac Age Collector’s Edition is available exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store for $199 and features an exclusive Judge Magisters Mini Bust Set (Exclusive to Collector’s Edition. Will not be sold separately.), exclusive steelbook, selection of soundtrack music, Art Card set, and original in-game soundtrack music option DLC, in addition to the base game.

The game originally launched in 2006 for the PlayStation 2 system and known for introducing many landmark features to the Final Fantasy series. You can watch a trailer for the new title below.

“Final Fantasy: XII The Zodiac Age” takes place in the grand world of Ivalice, where the small kingdom of Dalmasca is caught between warring empires Archadia and Rozarria. The lone heir to the Dalmascan throne, Princess Ashe has devoted herself to forming a resistance to liberate her homeland while Vaan, a young thief, dreams of flying free in the skies. The story begins when these two fated individuals meet, changing the destiny of the world’s greatest nations.