Amazon Prime Day is the perfect moment to stock up on essentials for the home, or to buy big-ticket items that you might have had your eye on. This is the third-year that Amazon has hosted the event, and each year the company adds new tricks and features to make shopping a little easier for customers.

The first year was rough, with customers missing out on promised deals because of the random lightning deals and smaller inventory. Last year’s second-installment was a much smoother experience for everyone involved, and a few new features are making it even easier to stay on top of new deals.

Voice ON!

If you have an Alexa enabled device, Prime customers have exclusive access to Alexa deals starting today. Offers will rotate so be sure to ask, “Alexa, what are your deals?” as often as you can to hear the latest deals being offered at that time. If you are new to all of this, and are not yet a Prime member, you can now use your voice to sign up for their first year of Prime membership for just $79 ($20 off the regular price). Customers simply say, “Alexa, sign me up for Prime” using their Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or Amazon Tap. Once the order is confirmed, customers immediately have access to all Prime benefits as well as the ability to participate in Prime Day and the two-hour Alexa exclusive shopping window. You can also sign-up at

In addition to Alexa exclusive deals, Prime members can enjoy voice-only promotions. Voice shoppers that ask, “Alexa, what are your deals?” to find out the latest deals can be entered into a $5,000 sweepstakes from Amazon.

Get that TV!

TVs are the one of the fastest selling items on Prime Day, so you will want to pounce quickly when a good one comes up. The first Prime Day had issues with customers missing out on big deals, so this year Amazon created a special TV Promotions Portal to help customers get the best deal and compare items. Starting at 6pm PT / 9pm ET members can visit to shop top TV deals. TV deals will run at various times throughout the 30-hour shopping period, so bookmark that page when you get there. You can find our preview of the larger deals that are coming up on our site.


That’s right, you can even save on your favorite eateries in select locations. Prime members in eligible restaurant delivery areas who make a qualifying Amazon or Prime Now purchase on Prime Day will receive a promotional code for $5 off each of their first five Amazon Restaurants orders. Each Amazon Restaurants order must be $20 or more, which shouldn’t be a problem for dinner. There are currently thousands of restaurants available in the service in more than 20 cities in the U.S.

WATCH it, BUY it

Have an item in mind and don’t want to miss a deal? There’s an app for that. With Watch A Deal the Amazon App will allow early deal watching in every country. Preview, track, and shop deals while at home or on-the-go with deal alerts on the Amazon App. Learn more and start watching your favorite items at


You can easily fall into a blackhole of savings with all of these discounts, so it’s best to shop for items by categories. Browsing blindly wastes time, and that wasting time could cost you a great deal. Find deals organized by more than 20 of the most-shopped-for themes. From pet lovers to gardeners and techies to artists – find your deals even faster with these pages. You’ll find Themed Categories on select pages, and you can choose between themes like Beauty, Techies, Pets, and more!

Shop Often, Save More!

You will have your standard “all-day” sales, or the sales that aren’t part of the lighting deals section, on the main page. You also have the lighting deals that go by pretty quickly. You will want to check both. Prime users will also want to check the “waiting lists” at the bottom of the lightning deals page for upcoming deals so you can watch them or join in as quickly as possible. You will want to see what’s coming-up in the appropriate tab so that you can join the waiting list and be one of the first to “claim” the lightning deal. Space is limited so be sure you check often. You also have a limited window to ‘checkout’ after claiming a lightning deal. You can purchase them quickly, then go back to shopping.

Also, check the “missed deals” from time to time to see if the hot-topic item that you are looking for has already passed. Another tip is to read-up on items in the “upcoming” section BEFORE they go on sale. You will want to make sure the TV listed has the right connections or resolution, and it gives you time to read reviews for products and check the price of the product before it goes on sale so you can get an idea of just how good the bargain really is. Sometimes when you do a little pre-shopping, you might notice that there were cheaper versions from other manufacturer’s in-stock this whole time. Reading the reviews and product specs before the flash sale is key to making sure your won’t regret your purchase.

You can checkout the current Prime day sales right now on