We are only a few weeks away from the season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones,” and just in case you weren’t already excited, HBO has released another trailer. The official premiere-date is set for July 16th, but you can get an early preview of the new season thanks to the trailer HBO uploaded earlier today.

Just like we did for the last trailer, we will recap the current situation for anyone that may have forgotten where we left off. Season 6 ended with Daenerys on a ship headed to Westeros to topple the kingdom, the Mother of Dragons sparked an alliance with the recently exiled Greyjoy siblings to bring her dragons and soldiers across the Narrow Sea. Daenerys is currently on-route to attack the Iron Throne itself, with hopes to claim it as her own. Jon Snow and Sansa Stark partnered up to defeat the Boltons, but the white-walkers are stronger than ever and prepping their raid on the North. Meanwhile, the Red Woman was cast out by Jon Snow and could be headed straight for Arya Stark.

Jon Snow is the new King of the North, and half Targaryen, but we weren’t sure how Sansa Stark was taking the proclamation. In the south, Cersei Lannister just destroyed any-and-all that opposed her in King’s Landing, and we were left with Cersei reclaiming the Iron Throne as Queen. Fans of the Tyrells can find them in the rubble, and Arya Stark is closer than ever to her home in Winterfell. Like we mentioned earlier, Arya and the Red Woman seem to be headed straight towards one-another, but it’s unclear if the two shall meet.

Many fans expect that Jon Snow and Daenerys will either team-up to fight the Night King, or fight one another to the death. Some fans expect a combination of the two. Season 8 is expected to be the final season of the series, so a lot has to happen in season 7 to get things moving in the right direction.

HBO teased the trailer stating, “It may be the first day of summer, but #WinterisHere on 7.16.”