While EA’s E3 2017 presentation was exciting, it was also a little light on content. The publisher stuck with franchise favorites this year, and new IPs took a backseat to the yearly sports installments and the highly-anticipated sequel to Battlefront. The highlights of the event were the showcasing of “Star Wars: Battlefront 2,” and a new open-world Bioware title called “Anthem”. EA Sports hosted several upcoming titles that will release over the next year, and offered new details and videos on the Madden, FIFA and NBA Live franchises.

As we mentioned earlier, “Star Wars Battlefront 2” was a major tent-pole at this year’s presentation. While the live-stream centered around the multiplayer aspect of the game, we do know that the title will feature a full-length single-player campaign as well. The video shown at E3 this year highlighted several iconic locations and characters from the Star Wars cinematic eras, featuring everything from B1 battle-droids to Rey. The company earned quite a few cheers when it announced that all of the multiplayer add-ons will be free in the new title, which was a huge problem that divided the player-base in the first installment. I’ll admit that it’s very hard not to get overexcited about any new Star Wars title, and I have nothing but high-hopes and anticipation for the sequel. Earlier this week EA announced the pre-order details and beta that the game will be hosting, and players will be join in early.

The new “Anthem” title from Bioware is still a bit of a mystery at this point. The video was just a teaser, and previewed the beautiful open-world that players will explore in the new game. The new IP seemed heavy on the sci-fi, but fans will have to wait until Microsoft’s E3 conference to learn more.

The co-op prison escape title “A Way Out” was one of the most interesting ideas revealed at this year’s event. The game was developed by the same team that brought players the title “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons,” and has several interesting mechanics. You can play that game solo, but it was distinctly designed to be a new co-op experience. The game will allow online or couch co-op, and you will as play one of two inmates trying to escape a prison.

If you play “Battlefield 1” then get ready for the Russian invasion. EA announced that new night-maps will hit the game this summer, and EA will be releasing a new expansion called “In The Name of the Tsar”. The new DLC will offer players six new maps, more content with the Russian army, and new Women’s battalion. If you’re excited for the new expansion, you will have to wait until the summer is over. “In the Name of the Tsar” will launch in September.

The other titles offered new trailers, but it seemed the details are being saved for the console presentations this weekend. “Need For Speed Payback” released a trailer for fans; “Madden 18” previewed the new story-mode that will let you play the game like you are watching ‘Varsity Blues’ or ‘Friday Night Lights’; and “FIFA 18” and “NBA Live” also dropped a new trailer this morning.

You can watch the ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Anthem,’ ‘Battlefront 2,’ ‘Need for Speed Payback,’ ‘Madden 18,’ and ‘FIFA 18’ trailers that were released today in the playlist above.