During the company’s Build 2017 developer conference in Seattle, Microsoft detailed the next major update headed to Windows. The new update is going under the title 'Windows 10 Fall Creators Update,' and will be available later this year.

The new Creators Update has a lot of ground to cover, considering that Widows 10 is now running on over 500 million devices. The focus point of the new update is sharing content across devices, whether that is a Windows, iOS or Android device. There will also be more connectivity between platforms, the central announcement for this point came when Microsoft announced that iTunes would finally be launching on the Windows Store. There will also be new tools, controllers, and coding software to make developing apps a little easier.

“We designed Windows 10 to empower the creator in all of us,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president, Windows and Devices Group, Microsoft. “We’re excited for our customers to take advantage of the new features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that will empower innovative experiences; a modern, unified design for cross-device experiences; and an easier path for developers to create for the future of computing.”

The Microsoft Fluent Design System will deliver a better cross-device experience, making jumping from platform to platform, or device to device, much easier. For developers, Fluent Design is built to help users create more expressive and engaging apps that work across a wide range of device and input diversity.

The Microsoft Graph works within the Microsoft Cloud, allowing you to continue what you were doing on any device; again, even if that device is iOS or Android. A Timeline display will show you what you were last working on, and you can jump into those files, apps, or websites, when you move to another device. The new Clipboard will work between connected devices, allowing you to copy from the desktop and paste on a phone. The new OneDrive Files on Demand will allow access to all files in the cloud without having to download them and use storage space on a specific device. No more synching huge folders just have to access to them later.

Windows Story Remix uses AI and deep learning to organize and transform photos and videos into stories. It will use the Microsoft Graph to connect users across devices. Story Remix brings memories, photos and videos together to create stories with a soundtrack, theme and cinematic transitions. Users can also create mixed reality by adding 3-D objects to photos and videos to tell stories in a whole new way, or turn photos and videos into a canvas, drawing on them with Windows Ink. You can watch the presentation video below that highlights the new features.

Microsoft also stated that iTunes is coming to the Windows Store by the end of this year. Windows users will get the complete iTunes experience, including Apple Music and the iTunes Store, as well as support for iPhone and other Apple devices on any Windows 10 or Windows 10 S PC.

Microsoft has simplified the install of Ubuntu by bringing it to the Windows Store. Microsoft also announced it is working with SUSE Linux and Fedora Linux running on the Windows Subsystem for Linux — to bring them to the Windows Store. Now, Windows is the only platform that can run both Windows apps and Linux apps side-by-side.

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will also bring new changes to mixed reality. Microsoft stated that developers in the U.S. and Canada can pre-order an Acer ($299 USD) or HP ($329 USD) Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition starting today from the Microsoft Store for delivery later this summer. The Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers will allow responsive tracking of movement using sensors in a Windows Mixed Reality headset. There is no need to install hardware on the walls around you. Acer will sell a Windows Mixed Reality headset and motion controller bundle priced at $399 USD this holiday season. You can watch a presentation for the Mixed Reality headset on YouTube.