After a few early leaks, Amazon officially announced the new Amazon Echo Show today (Available in Black or White on The new device is the latest addition to Amazon’s popular Alexa brand, adding a display and a long list of new and exciting features to the growing Alexa line that powers the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Echo Show will have all the functionality of an Amazon Alexa device like the Echo and the Tap, but the display will allow a wide-array of new features. Users will be able to watch videos, including videos from YouTube, check music lyrics, look at photos, switch to security cameras installed on the network, and more. Other features highlighted by today’s announcement include up-to-date weather forecasts, and the ability to check on to-do and shopping lists. All of this will be handsfree and displayed whenever you need it. Perfect for recipes or DIY quick tutorials.

You will also be able to talk to family and friends who have an Echo or the Alexa App, allowing instant video-calling even if you don’t have your phone nearby. The lyrics shown on the screen are displayed with Amazon Music. Just ask to play a song, artist or genre, and stream over Wi-Fi, simple as ever. Users will also have the option to stream music on Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and other apps. The speakers are equipped with Dolby processing.

Amazon stated that you can simply ask Alexa to show you the front door or monitor the baby’s room with compatible cameras from Ring and Arlo. You will also be able to turn on lights, control thermostats and more with WeMo, Philips Hue, ecobee, and other compatible smart home devices. There are eight microphones in the device, and the Echo Display also offers beam-forming technology, and noise cancellation. Amazon stated that the Echo Show hears you from any direction—even while music is playing.

The device hopes to be your hub for everything you need, from playing music to checking off lists, to playing entertainment, and controlling your growing smart home. You can find more images and details on Amazon’s official website.