Gigabyte introduced the new AERO 15 laptop this week, offering customers a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 coupled with an Intel i7-7700HQ. The AERO 15 also offers a 5mm near-borderless 15” display, which itself earned the world’s first X-Rite Pantone certification. Built within a 19mm thin all-aluminum chassis, Gigabyte created a powerful gaming machine with quite a few extras.

Not only does the AERO 17 have a powerful 1060 and a new i7-7700HQ, the device also comes stocked with a M.2 PCIe SSD, and it will run DDR4 ram. In the announcements the company stated, “Every display of the AERO 15 is certified by the world renowned organization, X-Rite Pantone, that sets the standard for color accuracy.” The company explained, “Before each and every AERO 15 leaves the factory, they are calibrated individually with the calibration technology provided and strictly governed by X-Rite Pantone”. Besides the standard FHD display, professionals can opt for an upgraded 4K WVA UHD display.

The AERO 15 is the first to add 16.8 million per-key backlit RGB keyboard to a laptop. The RGB backlit keyboard not only brings style and customization, but it also provides functional lighting solutions with the onboard GIGABYTE Fusion app. Using the lighting customization, customers can create profiles to link useful keys or shortcuts, and have them light up accordingly during productive work. With the added 3 cover colors to choose from, professionals can further reflect their personal style through the AERO 15.

I personally went with the Gigabyte G1 1080 when building my latest rig, and it has been a perfect companion for my i5 7500, and I’m interested to test out how well the i7-7700HQ runs in this new system.

Having a UHD 3840×2160 WVA High-Res Display is definitely a plus when working in graphic design, and everything from Skyrim to Overwatch should run incredibly smooth on this new laptop. Having two M.2 PCIe SSD options is also a great future investment. Making the leap from M.2 from standard SSD for my operating system was a huge plus in my latest rig.