Cartoon Network is bringing back “Steven Universe” this spring, and the show will return with a special five-night event beginning Monday, May 8 with “Lion 4: Alternate Ending.” In the episode, Steven goes on a quest to find what a magical key unlocks. Fans can ‘See It First’ with all five episodes available on the Emmy-winning Cartoon Network app on Friday, May 5th.

There’s a lot of other great content coming to Cartoon Network in May, including new episodes of “Ben 10” beginning Monday, May 1st. Fans can also “See It First” on the Cartoon Network app the Friday before premiere each week. The first new episode will be “All Wet,” and no one believes Ben when he insists that one of the other patrons waiting in line at the World of Wet Water Park is the nefarious Frightwig, cleverly disguised as a common girl. Ben must prove his case while protecting park goers from her master plan: to destroy the park with its own water pressure.

“Teen Titans Go!” will return on May 5 with the episode “The Avogodo,” in the new episode it’s Cinco de Mayo and Robin learns that avocados are a super food that give you superpowers. Sundays will bring new episodes of “The Powerpuff Girls,” the first called “A Star Is Blossom”. When Bubbles gets the lead in the school play, Blossom’s jealousy consumes her. “Ninjago” will have two-weeks of premieres starting on May 15, and “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” will have new episodes on Saturdays.

So you’ll have just enough time to download the Cartoon Network app if you’ll be busy those days, if not, you will be able to catch new premieres on the network all throughout May. You can also get ready for the first game in the Steven Universe franchise, “Steven Universe: Save the Light” which will launch this summer.