While Universal Pictures is hoping that everyone watches “The Fate of the Furious” for a second weekend in a row, moviegoers will find several new films at their local cinema this weekend. If you still want to go the action or thriller route, you can choose between “Free Fire,” “Unforgettable,” or “Phoenix Forgotten,” and drama fans can check-out “The Promise” and its all-star cast.

Disney will also be releasing “Born in China” in a limited number of theaters this weekend. The film was directed by Chuan Lu, and narrated by John Krasinski and Xun Zhou. The film follows the life of a panda bear and her cub, as well as a young golden monkey, and a mother snow leopard. These Disney documentaries have been very popular in the past, and have included hits like “Monkey Kingdom” and “Bears”. You can watch an adorably fuzzy trailer for the film on Youtube.

One of the more interesting releases this weekend is the action-thriller “Free Fire,” which stars Sharlto Copley, Brie Larson, and Armie Hammer. The film takes place in Boston in 1978, during a meeting (turned shootout) between two rival gangs. The film was directed by Ben Wheatley, working off a screenplay co-written by Amy Jump. Just like “Born in China,” the film is opening in less than 1,600 theaters, so check your local listings before hitting the theater. You can watch the “Free Fire” trailer on our site. Taken at face-value, as an action-thriller, the film is the pick-of-the-week. Those with little ones will have to head over to the fuzzy pandas this weekend, but at least you won’t have to watch “Boss Baby” again.

“The Promise” is one of the larger release this week, and it offers a well known cast. The film is set during the end of the Ottoman Empire, and follows a love triangle between a medical student, a journalist, and a woman named Ana. Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, and Christian Bale lead the film, which was directed by Terry George.

Odds are you have already seen tv-spots for “Unforgettable,” the new thriller from Warner Bros. Pictures. The film was directed by Denise Di Novi and stars Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, and Geoff Stults. The story is a basic one, an woman going after her ex-husband’s new wife in a tale of vengeance and hatred. You can watch the official-trailer for the film on Youtube.

“Phoenix Forgotten” is another film that might be hard to find in your area. The mystery-thriller picks up 20 years after three teenagers disappeared in Phoenix, Arizona. In the film, unseen footage from the night the teens disappeared has been discovered, and moviegoers follow along the investigation. Justin Barber directed the film, which stars Florence Hartigan, Luke Spencer Roberts, and Chelsea Lopez. You may not have even seen tv-spots or internet-ads for this project, so if you want to check out a trailer first, you can do so on Youtube.