Southern Charm Recap: Shep and Repeat

About sleepovers

Normally I find Southern Charm delightful and revel in the misfortunes of this ragtag group of Charleston “socialites.” This episode however was just too dark, truly showing the bad side of every person in the cast with the notable exception of Gizmo the cat.

The focus on Cameran pretending to eat junk food and not be incredibly fit was exhausting, and Chelsea claiming that she and Shep had a sleepover but didn’t sleep together is clearly a delusional fabrication. No thirty-something woman in her right mind has platonic sleepovers, unless her house is being unexpectedly bug bombed.

Speaking of unhinged thirty-somethings, Landon inexplicably meets Craig at a bar…that he drove to in a golf cart. The only thing these two people have to talk about is Shep, and they talk about him like two teenagers whining about an especially unlikeable teacher. Both pathetic parties agree that their ultimate “career” goal is to not have to work anymore. Too bad neither of these people ever had a job to begin with. The scene was also a startling lesson is how little a grasp these two educated adults have on the English language. Landon can’t say “charcuterie” and Craig pathologically refers to a step-and-repeat as a “step-and-release.”

Naomi’s dark side comes out at her charity event, where she yells at Craig for waiting until the last minute to complete tasks, or simply not complete them at all. I understand her frustration, but honestly, she’s doing this to herself. Craig is a one trick pony and she needs to saddle up or move it along. The true expanse of Naomi’s snobbery came out when she sat with her parents talking shit about Craig, who she “loves,” in French so nobody could understand them. The conversation was almost as tacky as Landon’s day-glo house dress.

Blah, blah, blah more talking about Craig not graduating law school. Nobody cares anymore. In case viewers had any hope that Craig has not been completely swallowed by self-delusion, the interview where he talks about Naomi crumbling under stress really proved the point. Especially as he declares “I work incredible under stress.”

Shep, TRav and Austen are all proven disgusting during the scene at the bar where they discuss the merits of “cross-pollination,” before flirting with a group of wasted 21 year olds. I did enjoy the scene where Shep’s “love interest” is pulled away by a friend declaring there are “real men” at the bar. Shep proceeded to storm out like someone wore the same dress to the prom, insisting that he has a flight to catch. The girl then almost makes out with TRav, before being rescued by a friend that deserves a medal for her service.
Let’s all look forward to next week when the Shep, Austen, Chelsea love triangle finally comes into play; and Cameran tries to find a way to not take any blame for it.

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