Josh Brolin is expanding his comic-book resume with ‘Deadpool 2’. The actor is already set to broaden his role of Thanos in “The Avenger” franchise, but will soon be playing the role of Cable in the highly-anticipated “Deadpool” sequel.

Although FOX holds the movie-rights to the “Deadpool” franchise, the character is still from Marvel. That gives Brolin two high-profile roles stemming from the popular comics. The second-film will be directed by David Leitch, and “Deadpool 2” is set to begin production this summer.

The first installment was directed by Tim Miller, working from a script written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Brolin will be joined by Ryan Reynolds in the new film, who will once again be playing the titular role in the franchise. It was confirmed earlier this year that Zazie Beetz had taken the role of Domino in the film.

As for Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War,” that film is set to hit theaters next year.

The original “Deadpool” was a much needed win for FOX. The studio had been struggling with repeated duds in the comic-book genre. With “Deadpool,” the studio was coming off a hard mistep with the latest “Fantastic Four” reboot. That film wasn’t exactly a loss, it barely broke even with a $167M gain, but $167M is a far-cry from the success that Marvel has seen with its adaptations. “Deadpool” proved to be the most successful ‘R-rated’ film in history, bringing in over $783M worldwide in theaters alone. FOX learned a lesson in the process, choosing to go the ‘R’ route when it released “Logan” earlier this year. The decision paid-off once again, with “Logan” grossing over $597M worldwide in theaters. That Wolverine installment was directed by James Mangold, and starred Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen.

“Deadpool 2” does not have an exact release-date at this time, but is scheduled for 2018. In 2016 the film released in February, but after the success of the first film, the sequel may move to a summer or November release date.