Last July we previewed “We Happy Few,” a video-game with an amazing premise and a few wonky bugs. It seems that we weren’t the only ones that thought the story was the basis for something truly amazing, because Gold Circle Films and DJ2 Entertainment have partnered with Compulsion Games to bring the game to the big-screen.

If you aren’t part of the early-access program, “We Happy Few” is a video-game set in an isolated English town in an alternate version of the 1960s. In this timeframe there are government-imposed, and completely mandatory, happiness drugs that all citizens must take. Not taking these drugs will mark you as a “downer,” a being so feared that they are often killed on sight. The drug-induced happiness masks gruesome violence and conceals a nefarious mystery in this town. One resident, free of the drug’s effects, risks his life to learn why his home is a bizarre open-air prison.

“We Happy Few” is being produced by Paul Brooks’ Gold Circle Films and dj2 Entertainment’s Dmitri M. Johnson and Dan Jevons, with dj2’s Stephan Bugaj executive producing.

The company dj2 saw the video game before its release to fan and critical acclaim, and was immediately drawn to its unique world, aesthetic and characters. Guillaume Provost, head of the game’s developer, Compulsion Games, says, “Dmitri, Stephan and Dan approached us enthusiastically and with really solid ideas about how to adapt our game to film, while retaining its menace, dark humor, and central themes. We’re gratified at how they and Gold Circle have taken to the project.”

“Our commitment,” says Johnson, “is to make a movie that remains true to and expands on its great source material.” Gold Circle’s Paul Brooks adds, “As a Brit and a fan of shows like The Prisoner, the game’s social satire resonated with me. I wanted this project immediately and am truly pleased a relationship with dj2 and their Business Affairs exec, Howard Bliss, helped make that possible.”

Gold Circle and dj2 are currently out to writers for the project, which is easily one of the most interesting jobs you can grab at the moment if you love the game and films. Attorney Eric Suddleson of Felker Toczek Gellman Suddleson LLP represents both dj2 and Compulsion Games.