We’ve tested out a few of the V2 Series vaporizes in the past, and the V2 line was actually the first product we chose in our in-house quest to quit smoking regular cigarettes a few years ago. The editorial team is completely smoke-free at this point, but some of us still use vaporizes to control nicotine cravings. Personally I tried patches, gum and going cold-turkey, but the patches gave me nightmares and the gum didn’t help at all. Vaporizes on the other hand have kept me off cigarettes for two-years now, and while they aren’t as healthy as forgoing all forms of smoking, they certainly have benefits over using tobacco. The new V2 Pro Series 3X won’t just help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes though, the 3X in the name comes from the ability to to heat e-liquids, wax and loose leaf products.

If you have used V2 products in the past and moved on, you should give the V2 Pro Series 3X a second-look. There are a lot of improvements and added features in this new 3X line, and most of them answer user-generated requests and comments. The 3X includes interchangeable atomizers, allowing you to choose between 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm. This will help you find the right setting for your individual tastes. Almost everything about the 3X is customizable now, including the ability to adjust voltage, temperature, and airflow. The 3X also uses ceramic cartridges, which offer a much cleaner pull when in use. They are a little more expensive to manufacture, but certainly a welcomed upgrade for anyone that is starting out, or looking for a more “premium” device to use day-to-day. If you are stepping up from the V2 Series 3 line, you should be happy to know that all of your current attachments and accessories will work with the 3X model.

Just like previous installments, the 3X series was designed to be sleek, offer a low profile, and be extremely convenient. There’s no screwing anything in, and you won’t find threads to strip in the 3X series. The cartridge is held in place magnetically, and the charger is connected magnetically on the bottom of the device. There is a battery-life indicator on the device, but all of the lights and LEDs were designed to be minimalistic. This is a wonderful feature, and you would know that if you have ever used a vaporizer in a dark room and were suddenly a beacon of attention within the crowd. No one wants to be a lighthouse when using a vaporizer, and the 3X won’t make you one. It’s also the same reason that we loved the V2 Vertx Plus when it was released last year.

The downsides of the 3X are minimal, and remain the same as previous models. The V2 system is proprietary, so you’ll have to use V2 3X cartridges going forward. The company states that the ceramic e-liquid cartridge may be refilled up to 40 times before needing to be replaced, so you should get a lot of mileage out of each atomizer. How often you will have to replace the atomizers will depend on your use. The upside to all of this is that you can shop for everything on the V2 site, and they do have a rewards system in place for frequent buyers. You will also be able to use your own e-liquid, but you have the option of shopping for that as well on the website.

The V2 Series 3X is available in three colors, including Charcoal, Gunmetal, and Crimson. You can also choose between different color mouthpieces, all metal and not plastic.

While some vaporizers border on the line of comical or annoying, the V2 Series 3X is streamlined and minimalistic. It’s low-profile and easy-to-use construction make it perfect for traveling, or for soon to be ex-smokers just looking to use a vaporizer without attracting a lot of attention. Look for it this spring on v2.com/pro