Microsoft has set a release-date for the Windows 10 Creators Update, which will begin its roll out around the world on April 11, 2017. This will be a free update for all Windows 10 users, and adds a lot of new functions and features to the operating system.

Microsoft will be updating the popular Paint app with a new ‘Paint 3D‘ application, giving users a chance to create 3D objects and art. The software will allow users to create their own 3D content from scratch, or they can start with a 2D picture and use that as a base to create 3D work of art of their own. Users can find content at, which offers pre-made 3D content, to use in their own creations. Microsoft also announced that Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo will ship Windows Mixed Reality-enabled headsets with the Creators Update, those headsets will start at $299.

Beam is also part of the update, the software allows players to broadcast their games right with built-in Windows 10 software. It will be a challenge for Microsoft to pull content-creators and streamers away from pre-existing software that already works with sites like Twitch and YouTube, but now players can use the Game Bar to broadcast and streaming on Beam. Gamers will also get to use the new Windows 10 Game Mode, which dedicates more system resources to PC games by throttling background process during gameplay.

If you use Microsoft Edge, the company’s latest internet browser, you will notice better tab-management and a new eReader service. In the release-date announcement, the company reminded users that Edge is the only browser that can play Netflix movies and TV shows in 4K Ultra HD resolution (with compatible PCs and monitors of course). Users will be able to use the browser as an eReader, which offers a uniform platform on all of your devices.

Since you’ll be staying up late and creating 3D artwork, playing games and watching Netflix, the company is also rolling out a night-view on Windows 10. Like Apple’s MacOS and iOS, the night-view will limit the blue light emitted by your screen, helping you sleep and allowing the screen to be easier on your eyes at nighttime. Microsoft even prepared a video to highlight all of the features.

One of the more popular additions will be the mini-view, which will let you float windows like videos or Skype calls on your desktop while you work or browse the internet. Through the new update parents will be able to set screen time limits, and get reports on how often kids are playing games and staying on the computer each week. Windows Hello, which is available on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, will notice when you walkaway from computer, and lock it while you are gone.

The Creators Update will start to roll out through Windows Update on April 11.