Disney is putting a lot of faith behind the network’s new animated-series “Big Hero 6,” the show received a season 2 order this week ahead of the season 1 premiere. The network made the confirmation earlier this morning, announcing that the soon-to-launch television adaptation will be coming back for a second season.

The show will be based on Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Academy Award-winning feature film, which of course was based on the popular Marvel comic. The story will begin just after the events of the feature film, and viewers will follow along in the new adventures and friendship of Hiro and Baymax.

Joining Hiro and Baymax on their adventures are control freak Wasabi, scientist Honey Lemon, fanboy Fred and no-nonsense Go Go, who together form the legendary superhero team, Big Hero 6. As the new prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, Hiro now faces daunting academic challenges and the social trials of being the little man on campus. Off campus, the stakes are raised for the high-tech heroes as they must protect their city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains.

“Big Hero 6” was the 54th animated feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios, the film followed the ragtag-group as they solved a mysterious threat attacking the city of San Fransokyo. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams and produced by Roy Conli, “Big Hero 6” was released in October 2014 and became the biggest animated film of the year with over $657 million worldwide. In addition to being named Best Animated Picture by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it was nominated for Golden Globe, Critics Choice and BAFTA awards, and was the recipient of five Visual Effects Society Awards, the most ever for an animated feature, as well as a Cinema Audio Society Award and a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Animated Movie.

Fans of the film, or the coming, can expect “Big Hero 6” to launch on Disney XD this fall.