It’s no secret that Disney Animators love to hide characters from previous films inside their blockbuster works, sometimes they even hide characters from future releases. Fans love to find these little moments when they can, and the ‘Easter Eggs’ have become so popular that Disney has even started a video-series pointing them all out.

The video-series itself is on its third-installment, which features hidden gems found within “Moana,” “The Emperor’s New Groove,” “Tarzan” and many other classic Disney films. A few of callbacks are pretty easy to catch, like Mrs. Potts from “Beauty and the Beast” in the “Tarzan” film, but finding Beast as a toy in “The Emperor’s New Groove” takes a trained eye. A few of the references not mentioned in this episode are a little more famous, like finding Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” reading her book among the crowd of Parisians below “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. You can also find a Buzz Lightyear doll on the floor of the dentist office in “Finding Nemo,” or you may have spotted the poster of “Mulan” in the home of “Lilo and Stitch”. There seems to be an endless supply of references within each Disney tale, almost as many ‘A113’ connections. For readers that haven’t quite figured out the A113 mention, it’s a classroom from the California Institute of the Arts, often used by graphic design and animation students. Many of those students have gone on to become Disney animators, and the joke keeps going. You can find the number in countless animated films, from “The Brave Little Toaster,” to “Up” from Pixar. Disney fans can find the video below, or on the official “Oh My Disney” YouTube channel. You’ll be one step closer to your PhD in all things Disney.

The episode connects Walt Disney Animation Studios’ favorite films – from Frozen, Zootopia and Tangled to Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and more.