While older siblings might say otherwise, a new children’s book wants young kids to know that they are loved, and always a little special. Tinko, published by BlueGoose kidPress, is an illustrated book aimed for children between the ages of 0-8, and it just released this month. The publisher describes that book stating, “It’s about a messy-haired boy who lives in a remote area deep in the mountains. Tinko is a boy like many children. He is thoughtful, helpful and curious. Tinko wonders how and why the beauty around him was created. What is its purpose? What is his purpose?”

“Our culture is teaching children that they are here by some sort of accident. In our ‘get-it-now’ technology culture, children are exposed to an array of negative influences. It’s time we change course on this in a deliberate way.”

According to the book’s release, a recent finding at The Center of the Developing Child at Harvard University shows that even in the face of significant adversity, mobilizing sources of faith and hope lead to positive outcomes in the lives of children. The study notes that a child’s resilience and self-control to adverse situations can be strengthened with positive influences.

“Months ago, I was woken in the middle of the night with this story about Tinko–including his name,” explained Matt. “During the creation of the book, I began to understand that kids can’t hear enough, the positive message about their plan and purpose in life. It’s our responsibility as adults to make this known in an intentional way.”

Tinko is the first of two books to be published this year by Matt Waters Books and BlueGoose kidPress. It is available worldwide in print and ebook formats including at e-retailer giant, Amazon. You can find the book here on Amazon.com. Matt Gosselin and his wife live in Clermont, Florida where they are raising their three children. The publisher added that each family member has had a part in the creation of Tinko, which we are sure was no accident.