Sony Pictures will be releasing a new trailer for the sci-fi thriller “Life” during the big-game this year, but you can watch it early if you’re not a sports fan. The film, which is about a team of scientists aboard the International Space Station, will release in just a few short weeks and features an impressive cast. You can catch the big-game trailer for the film below.

As you can imagine, the mission aboard the I.S.S. does not go smoothly. During their stay on the space-station, a quest for discovery turns to one of harrowing danger and survival. The team finds a rapidly evolving life form that might have caused the extinction of life on Mars, and now the organism threatens the crew and all life on Earth.

The sci-fi thriller stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ariyon Bakare and Olga Dihovichnaya, and was directed by Daniel Espinosa. If you are a sci-fi fan than you will want to watch the trailer below, you can also find it on the Sony Pictures official YouTube channel. David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn produced the film, while Don Granger and Vicki Dee Rock served as executive producers. The writers on the project were Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

There will be several major trailers making their debut during the Super Bowl this year, including movie-trailers from “Ghost in the Shell,” and “Transformers: The Last Knight”.

“Life” will be releasing just as the previous sci-fi hit, “Arrival,” leaves the box-office. That particular film did extremely well, bringing in over $98.08M domestically and grossing worldwide at over $186.15M. “Arrival” was directed by Denis Villeneuve, and featured Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

If you need to set a reminder for the “Life,” Sony Pictures will release the new thriller on March 24, 2017.