Blizzard’s popular FPS “Overwatch” is teasing the next holiday-themed event, this time centering around the Chinese New Year. The online shooter was one of the most popular games to release in 2016, and the seasonal-events and holiday-themes have been a huge hit with the growing fan-base in the past.

Recently the developers celebrated the ‘Winter Holiday Event,’ and now you can celebrate the year of the Rooster with your closest 3M+ friends. Blizzard’s Twitter account for the game was the first outlet to tease the upcoming event, sharing a quick-video for fans to get excited over. This will be the year of the Rooster according to the Chinese calendar, and the event is scheduled to start on January 24, 2017.

In the past these holiday events have included new skins, voice-lines, character intros and festive decorations in select maps. Halloween was a huge addition to the series, with almost every character getting new items and updates. Blizzard hasn’t announced any official items that may drop in the beloved loot-boxes, but you can watch the video and see a few options that will most likely be coming over the next few weeks.

The official Overwatch account Tweeted, “? Good luck and great fortune await! ?,” sharing a short-video for fans. You can watch that short promotional video below, or head-over to the official Twitter account.

Mei can be seen holding the traditional red-envelopes, and that might be the fun-way you open loot-boxes this time around. These red-envelopes are traditionally decorated with gold characters, often times meaning wealth, luck or happiness. If you don’t get the drops you want, you can usually buy loot-boxes for actual cash. Blizzard is sure to release another trailer for the event over the next few days, and release more information on the holiday-themed changes that fans can look forward to.