Showtime is once offering up teasers for fans of “Twin Peaks,” uploading another teaser-trailer for the highly-anticipated return of the show. This week’s teaser offers a quick glimpse of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, the Golden Globe-winning and Emmy Award-nominated role played by Kyle MacLachlan. This isn’t the first teaser-trailer for the series, though it is the first to feature the fan-favorite Dale Cooper. Showtime has been slowly releasing these teaser-trailers over the last few months, but an ‘official full-length trailer’ hasn’t been released at this time.

The new “Twin Peaks” will debut with a two-part premiere on Sunday, May 21 2017, it will also be available on demand and over the internet. Immediately following the premiere, Showtime subscribers will have access to the third and fourth parts, exclusively across the Showtime streaming services ‘Showtime Anytime’ and ‘Showtime On Demand’.

In its second week, “Twin Peaks” will air the third and fourth parts back-to-back on the network, starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by one-part episodes in subsequent weeks. Directed entirely by David Lynch, the new Showtime 18-part limited event series picks up twenty-five years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town were stunned when their homecoming queen Laura Palmer was shockingly murdered. “Twin Peaks” is written and executive produced by series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, and is executive produced by Sabrina S. Sutherland. You can watch the new “Twin Peaks” teaser below, thanks to an upload on the network’s official YouTube channel.

The network even began selling “Twin Peaks” merchandise over the holidays. you can grab one of the T-shirts featuring Laura Palmer, or a coffee mug if you need more “Twin Peaks” in you life. Showtime also announced the stunning cast-list that will be appearing in the new special, totalling 217 people. If you want to see just how many famous faces will be stopping by the sleepy town, you can check-out the list on our site.