A24 has been on a hot-streak for the past few years now, offering up sci-fi titles like “Under the Skin,” “Ex Machina” “Equals” and “The Monster”. That’s just the sci-fi, the studio is also responsible for bringing “The Room,” “Moonlight,” “Into the Forest,” “Swiss Army Man” and a dozen other popular hits to theaters in just the past few years alone.

Now the studio is teasing something new, and you’ll have to make your assumptions on the plot. From what we can tell, this new sci-fi thriller involves sensory-deprivation tanks, and possibly the chance to live through other people’s lives, or live in a VR world that isn’t your own. It seems as mysterious and eerie as a ‘Black Mirror’ adaption, and we have to admit that we are hooked.

The trailer offers a lot of singular moments from the film, but they are sporadic enough that it is hard to put them all together. The film isn’t even listed on the site’s website at this time, so A24 is doing a hell of a job keeping the mystery. Fans and mystery sleuths are sure to create some fantastic theories on the film once it has been in circulation for a few days, so the YouTube comments section should get interesting.

These thrillers have proven to be a huge hit for the studio over the years. “Ex Machina” made $25.44M domestically for A24, going in to make $36.86M worldwide. Even limited-release showings have proven fruitful, with “Swiss Army Man” bringing in $4.21M globally, and “Under the Skin” making $5.38M.

Sci-fi fans will want to watch the trailer below, which was released on YouTube earlier today.

No word yet on a release date for the film, or a title, but you can expect an announcement to made by the studio over the next few weeks. We will be sure to keep you updated when the studio released a cast-list and premier date for the film, as well as any new trailers or teasers that the A24 decides to release.