While many movie-studios will say that digital-streaming, early Video-On-Demand releases, and movie-piracy are killing the industry, movies made more money this year than any previous year in cinematic history. While we look back the big-hits of 2016, the top-ten also serves as a reminder that no one is making hits like Walt Disney Studios, which had six hits on this year’s top-ten list.

This week comScore, a global standard for box office reporting, confirmed that the North American box-office set a new record with $11.4 billion through December 31, making 2016 the highest-earning year in movie history. “Forgetful fish, super-heroes, household pets and space travelers led the charge in a year that was marked by an incredibly diverse selection of films from every genre and of every size and scope from all the studios,” comScore’s Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian said. “This sparked an extraordinary level of enthusiasm by patrons who flocked to North America’s incredibly well-appointed movie theaters.”

The Top Grossing Movies of 2016 thru Saturday 12-31 (including holdovers from 2015) offer quite an eclectic assortment. “Finding Dory” from Disney took the top-spot this year, bringing in $486.2M in domestic-sales. Disney also took the number-two and number three spots, showing that Disney can rule the box-office in both animated-features, and live-action blockbusters. Second-place overall went to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” with $408.2M, a film that isn’t even finished its box-office run and could theoretically land on next year’s list as well, and third-place went to “Captain America: Civil War” with $408M.

The animated-hit “The Secret Life Of Pets” reached fourth-place on the charts this year, bringing in $368.38M for Universal Pictures in 2016. Disney returned to the list at number-five with “The Jungle Book,” which grossed $364M overall. The second highest-grossing comic-book adaptation went to FOX’s “Deadpool,” the R-rated project hit sixth-place with $363M. Moving on to seventh-place overall, you will see that Disney appears on the chart again. The animated-comedy “Zootopia” finished 2016 with $341.2M in 2016.

“Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice,” from Warner Bros. Pictures, only reached eighth-place with $330.3M, and the studio’s “Suicide Squad” film stalled-out in ninth with $325M. The top-ten ended just like it began, with Disney. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” made $284.6M in 2016, despite opening in 2015.