Walt Disney Pictures is teasing more of the live-adaption of “Beauty and the Beast,” which is set to hit theaters in just a few short months. This week Disney released the first musical-tease of the film, offering up a short audio-clip of Emma Watson singing.

So far the studio has only released one official-trailer for the film, though more are expected to be released over the next few months. “Beauty and the Beast” will be the first live-action adaptation of the Disney fairy-tale, which tells the story of a monstrous prince and a young woman who fall in love.

Disney has 13 live-action films on the way, including new adaptations of “Mulan,” “Dumbo,” a “Cruella” feature, and projects surrounding “Winnie the Pooh” and “Peter Pan”. Many of the projects are still in the early stages of development, and do not have release windows set at this time.

The original “Beauty and the Beast” opened in November back in 1991, the film went on to make over $218.9M domestically, and $206M in foreign markets. Just a fun-fact, when the animated-film opened wide back in 1991, it did not hit number-one overall on the domestic-charts. That honor went to “The Addams Family,” which crushed the Disney classic by making $24.2M over its opening weekend, and “Cape Fear” came in at number-two with $10M. “Beauty and the Beast” did come in at number-three, scoring $9.6M for the studio.

Although it missed number-one, “Beauty and the Beast” has become one of the most iconic Disney tales of all time, and was nominated for ‘Best Picture’ by the Academy Awards. Fans should be excited to see this new adaptation hit the big-screen, considering the gigantic cast that has lined-up for the project.

This new “Beauty and the Beast” was directed by Bill Condon, who was the first to share the clip on social-media earlier today. The clip was later shared on YouTube, and you can listen to the audio-tease below, or on YouTube.

Evan Spiliotopoulos and Stephen Chbosky wrote the screenplay to the adaptation, the film will star Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci and Kevin Kline.

Fans will just have to wait a few more weeks to see more of the highly-anticipated film, if we are lucky Disney will release a few more teasers after the holiday.”Beauty and the Beast” will hit theaters on March 17, 2017.