Blizzard’s “Overwatch” game is one of the hottest titles on the market, the game was boasting well over 7M players when we last checked-in on the growing player-base back in June. Since then, fans have submitted character-based stories, decorated their computers and phones with custom fan-art, and have fallen in love with the almost two-dozen heroes that are featured within the game.

While demand for more lore and backstory on the iconic Overwatch characters has been going strong since launch, Blizzard has only been trickling out the content over the past year. The latest from Blizzard is a publication from ‘Reflections,’ and it centers around a few favorite characters, and their holiday plans.

Tracer has always been one of the more featured heroes of Overwatch, and she is also my personal favorite. The time-bending wisecracker took centerstage in the story once again, and is featured in the comic along with other characters like Winston and McCree.

The story shows Tracer at home, sharing the holidays with her apparent love, a woman named Emily. It’s a very cute story, surrounding a holiday moment with some of Overwatch’s beloved characters, but Blizzard also used the moment to confirm that Tracer is the first LGBTQ character within the Overwatch world. The video-game community is diverse and stretches across several generations, so Tracer’s sexuality will simply be another a fact for most of the players, but the choice by Blizzard to make her sexuality canon gives the character more backstory and offers players better insight into her life.

Reflections is a free read, and you can find the comic on the official website.

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