Youtube’s days of being the premium streaming destination for all aspects of daily life may be numbered. Twitch, the live-streaming service now owned by Amazon, made a name for itself by being a terrific destination for gamers to live-stream their sessions, and now it is moving beyond the PC and console.

Twitch wants to become a social video platform for everyone, not just for gamers. The company is bringing two new features that will allow more people to stream more content, and the company will be updating its guidelines in order to do it.

The service is called “IRL,” or In Real Life if you aren’t hip. The company stated that the expansion will, “allow you to talk to your community and share your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and everyday life.”

Amazon went on to describe the service saying, “Like a vlog, you can now interact with your audience in a one-to-many style, live or recorded, even when not playing a game. This includes sharing experiences and events with viewers live or with pre-recorded videos. Anything and everything you’re interested in can potentially become a topic of a stream.”

This new expansion will also be a competitor for Facebook and Twitter’s Periscope app, since both offer mobile broadcasting, just like Twitch plans to do. The company stated, “Next year, we will launch native streaming from the Twitch mobile app. This is designed to help you stay in touch with your community even when you’re AFK.”

Amazon also added an explanation of the “Updated Guidelines” that will be in effect when the service launches. Amazon told users, “In order to accommodate the above features and to help support those of you who have a desire to share non-gaming content, we are simplifying and updating our guidelines to welcome all creators.”

The company then added, “Since the genesis of Twitch, we have enforced a set of Community Guidelines, formerly known as the Rules of Conduct, that restrict the kinds of content we allow on the platform. Initially that meant we allowed only gaming content. Then, based on feedback from the community, we started experimenting with Music , then Creative, followed by Social Eating, and other categories. Today we have thriving communities in a variety of both gaming and non-gaming content categories.”

Twitch will be removing all of the restrictions that it has on non-endemic content, meaning that all content creators are now encouraged to share their video on Twitch.