Filmmakers and conservationists have focused their efforts to save our endangered Elephant population over the last few years, but the crises for these lovely animals is far from over. Documentaries that have targeted the ivory trade across the globe, and here in the United States, have put pressure on governments to change antiquated ivory laws, but there is still much that needs to be done.

A new collaboration with model, actress, filmmaker and noted animal advocate and founder of the non-profit Peace 4 Animals, Katie Cleary, and Global Guardian Designs, which designs a wide array of beautifully hand crafted pieces that sustainably give back too many different charities and causes, is now available for purchase at Peace4Animals. The ring can be purchased for $295 at

Created to support Peace 4 Animals Project Endangered Species and designed by Global Guardian Designs co-owner Fia Perera, the Elephant Conservation Ring is made of sterling silver .925 with sapphire gemstones for eyes.

The nonprofit states that a significant portion of the proceeds from rings sold will go towards protecting endangered African elephants though several anti-poaching partners on the ground in Africa. Many of which, specialize in training community rangers throughout parks in Africa to combat the poaching epidemic.

“Every fifteen minutes an elephant is killed for its’ ivory in Africa,” said Cleary who noted that in 2013, more than 35,000 elephants across Africa were killed for their ivory, which is often carved and sold as ornaments, jewelry and other trinkets. “Whether a beautiful and unique gift, or a special statement piece for yourself, the Elephant Conservation Ring is even more extraordinary because it helps protect the remaining elephants in Africa which conservationists warn could become completely extinct by 2020.”

A multi-billion-dollar industry, China is a major importer of illegal ivory, where it’s highly prized as a luxury item that is made of dentine with an outer layer of enamel, the same components as the human tooth. Ivory dealers also trade in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and other parts of Asia.

“Despite the efforts on behalf of many organizations to mitigate the devastating effects brought on by the poaching crisis, more needs to be done to save these truly majestic creatures,” continued Cleary who has garnered a reputation as a leader in the animal welfare community in Los Angeles and internationally; raising tens of thousands of dollars for many animal organizations around the world in support of the most crucial animal issues.

Cleary, who created and produced the 2015 Award-Winning Documentary Give Me Shelter which aired on Netflix, is also the Founder and Producer of World Animal News on the popular animal news site WAN highlights the latest breaking animal welfare issues happening around the globe; featuring guests ranging from top animal welfare organizations, animal experts and celebrities who are passionate about raising awareness for important animal issues.