Blizzard’s seasonal events for “Overwatch” have quickly become a crowd-favorite, offering new skins and updated maps for everyone to enjoy. The developers saw terrific success with the first themed-set during the Olympics, and Blizzard recently celebrated a Halloween event this past October. Now it’s the holiday season of giving, and Blizzard has a ton of new skins and emotes to share with players.

Blizzard has officially dusted off the snow for the seasonal event today, releasing a trailer and pictures of the content that players can hope to find in loot boxes. If you need to set a reminder on your calendar, the event will run from December 13th through January 2nd, and you will have a chance to win emotes, end of the game highlight clips, player icons, new voice lines and character skins. Obviously everyone likes the character skins the most, but you will have to earn quite a few loot boxes in order to get them all.

Just like the devs did with the Halloween event, certain maps will be getting a winter-wonderland update. Maps like “Hanamura” and the infamous “King’s Row” have been updated with snow and festive lights, and there is a new brawl to keep you entertained through these cold winter nights.

The new brawl is called Snowball Offensive, and it’s featured with two teams of Mei characters hurling snowballs at each other. 12 Meis, the ultimate showdown. You can watch the Winter Season trailer below.

You only have about three-weeks to grab all of these drops, which will be tough if you don’t plan on spending any real-life money. You will only be able to get these special items through the Winter Loot Boxes, but you earn them the same way that you earn regular loot boxes. When you go to open your box, the game will ask you if you want to unlock a Winter Loot Box, or a regular Loot box, so pick carefully. While every loot book is random, this season each Winter Loot Box will contain at least one Winter Season event item.