Samsung is launching a new robot-vacuum called the POWERbot Turbo, hitting store-shelves to clean up your holiday messes. The new device will offer smart and intuitive features, all packed within a sleek and minimalistic design.

“Homeowners have told us again and again that one of their biggest challenges is keeping their homes clean and getting rid of the floor dirt and dust which never seems to go away,” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances at Samsung. “With holiday guests about to visit, you’ll need all the help you can get and the solution is pretty simple and practical: use as much strong and targeted vacuum suction power as possible. The POWERbot Turbo provides levels of performance that no other robot vacuum can match. And it joins a line of other POWERbot products that are your essential and powerful partners for a dirt- and dust-free home.”

The first design was launched back in 2014, the POWERbot robot-vacuum line launched to take on pricier options from companies like iRobot and Dyson, though some versions of the POWERbot can still be quite expensive.

The new POWERbot Turbo amps up the level of suction, and adds Wi-Fi control for convenience. Samsung states that the new POWERbot offers 70x the suction over “the leading robot vacuum brand,” and the company is calling the device the “world’s most powerful model among robot vacuums– and one of the smartest.”

Its Smart Control Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to remotely guide the movement of your vacuum using your smartphone. The “Select & Go” feature creates a virtual map of your home on your smartphone app, letting you select specific areas or rooms that may need cleaning. There is even an extra convenience of voice-controlled vacuuming on demand through Amazon Alexa devices.

With an enhanced visual mapping system that can literally “see” its way around your home, the POWERbot Turbo robot vacuum delivers the a deep clean, all without you lifting a finger. The Visionary Mapping Plus System creates a map of your home that includes hard-to-reach corners with the use of high performance computer chips, more than 10 sensors and a digital camera. As it cleans, the vacuum stores this map as a Digital Floorplan that is accessed by the Select & Go feature. An upgraded, high-performance FullView Sensor acts as the robot’s eyes, detecting every narrow and small obstacle and avoiding obstacles like furniture, walls and stairways.

The extreme suction power is coupled with “CycloneForce,” an efficient dust separation system that uses strong centrifugal forces to provide more consistent power with less clogging. For even more cleaning convenience, Point Cleaning uses a remote control to allow you to shine a light beam to a desired location on the floor, which the vacuum follows cleaning as it moves.

Measuring just 14.8 inches in width, 14.3 inches in depth and 5.3 inches in height, the POWERbot Turbo packs a lot of innovation into its cleverly designed frame and LED interface. The functional front conceals an enlarged Combo Brush, which uses a combination of soft and hard bristles along with a rubber blade pick up pet hair and debris with fewer tangles.

The top of the vacuum features a transparent CycloneForce compartment with a clear window to see the amount of dirt collected, which can easily detach to empty the dirt into the trash can. Large Easy Pass wheels on the wings of the vacuum allow it to move freely and efficiently around the floor, from room to room, easily navigating different floor surfaces and bypassing wires and door frames.

The POWERbot Turbo (model: VR9350) is available now at major retailers nationwide and online at Samsung for the suggested retail price of $1,199. Right now you can grab select models from the POWERbot Turbo line starting at under $500 on sites like