If you didn’t pick up the Xbox One S or the Playstation 4 Black Friday Bundle this year, but are still looking to save money on purchasing one, there are a few deals going on right now to save you some money.

Last month Microsoft began a $50 promotion on Xbox One bundles, the final price depended on which Xbox One option you bought (500GB or 1TB) and which games and options were included in the bundle. The Xbox One S, the newer version of the Xbox One that still plays all of the same games, was also marked down for a limited time. While the deals aren’t exactly the same as Black Friday, they are very, very close.

Over at Amazon.com you can find the Xbox One S (500GB option) for just $290, that’s $10 off the regular price. On the same page you can find the Xbox One S (1TB option) with the Gears of War 4 Bundle for $34 off at $319. You can also add options to these bundles (but it will change the final price) like adding 12 Months of Xbox Live, or other hardware options. The official Microsoft store online has more options when buying an Xbox One or Xbox One S, but the current deal is a free game with purchase of select Xbox One consoles, and they start at $299. So you won’t be saving money there over Amazon, so we suggest going with Amazon or Microsoft on this one, whichever you prefer.

The PS4 Slim is the new design of the PS4, it still plays the same games as the PS4 normal version and the Black Friday bundle included “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.” It’s not called the Black Friday Bundle anymore, but you can grab it for just $269 (that’s almost the same price as it was on Black Friday) on Amazon.com while supplies last. There haven’t been too many sales for the newer PS4 Pro, and it’s getting harder and harder to find them online as we get closer to Christmas.

If you are shopping for video-games, you can grab any that you see on sale but don’t pay full price for any game just yet. Microsoft and Amazon are both hosting their “12 Days of Christmas” this weekend, and video-games are on both lists. You can read the preview for the two company’s promotions on our site.

If you are still looking for the Classic NES that was announced this year from Nintendo, it’s still pretty much sold-out everywhere in North America. You can still grab one for an inflated holiday price, most ranging from $150-$300, but you could get a PS4 or Xbox One for about that nowadays- so it’s really not worth it. If you really wanted some new Nintendo Hardware, you could always just grab a Nintendo 3Ds while you are shopping at Amazon, they are about the same price as the inflated Classic NES prices as well.