If you are still on the fence about Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts’ newest shooter “Titanfall 2,” the publisher will be offering a free trial of the game’s full multiplayer mode this holiday.

The trial will begin for EA Access and Origin Access members on November 30th, and become available for all non EA Access and Origin Access players starting December 2nd on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin for PC. If you are looking to gift the popular game, you can still pick-up the Steelbook Edition and other premium editions of the game on sites like Amazon.com while supplies last.

Trial players will get a chance to experience the popular multiplayer mode in Titanfall that “makes the competition feel clunky and staid in comparison,” according to Eurogamer. Those looking to continue this action into the full game will have all their multiplayer progress carryover, in addition to getting their hands-on what Entertainment Weekly calls, “one of the best single-player campaigns of the year.”

Since the game’s launch, Titanfall 2 has received universal praise from critics worldwide and has been nominated for the Game of the Year award from The Game Awards, with the winner being announced on December 1st. In multiplayer, Titanfall 2 has built on the dynamic Pilot and Titan gameplay from the first Titanfall and delivered a wide variety of robust modes, maps and weapons for players to choose from. In Respawn’s single player debut, the team has elevated the first-person shooter genre by bringing fresh ideas, clever design elements and innovation to the carefully crafted story campaign.

Following the release of Titanfall 2, all post-launch maps, modes, and weapons will be absolutely free to all players, and that all starts on November 30th with the release of Angel City’s Most Wanted. Featuring the fully remastered fan favorite Angel City map from the original Titanfall, Angel City’s Most Wanted introduces additional free content including the Wingman Elite Pistol, six new Titan kits, and a brand new Pilot execution. Angel City’s Most Wanted also gives players the ability to purchase cosmetic items for their Pilot and Titan, including camos, nose art, warpaint, and more. Players who pre-ordered Titanfall 2 ahead of the game’s release will get access to the Angel City map starting on November 30th, while all players getting access to the Angel City map on December 3rd.