Microsoft’s new Xbox One S console is marked down to $249 this holiday season, so if you are in the market for a new Xbox One or Xbox One S, now is the best time to pick one up. The prices change depending on which bundle you choose, and which Xbox One model you prefer, but all models and bundles have been reduced for the holiday season. Much like previous years, all Xbox One and Xbox One S models and bundles have been reduced by $50 across all major retailers, so you won’t have to hunt for the lowest price, you only have to pick which option fits your needs.

Savvy shoppers will notice that almost all of the same deals are being offered across Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Microsoft’s online store and Newegg, so if you are an Amazon Prime member or have a special discount at a particular outlet, it be best to check two of your favorite options and go with the retailer that you prefer.

The most popular options in the Xbox One S 1TB model are the “Gears of War Bundle,” and the “Battlefield 1 Bundle”. The 500GB options to grab this year are the “500GB Minecraft Bundle” and the “500GB Battlefield 1 Bundle”. There are other options available as well, but these four options have been consistently overselling the other models over the last few weeks. Both and Microsoft are offering these bundles for $299. The only real difference is that Microsoft will be selling a stand-alone 500GB Xbox One S console for $249, but it won’t be bundled with games. So if you buy a title to play on the new console along with the cheapest $249 model, you won’t really be saving any money with this option. The stand-alone was mostly targeted towards people that were just hoping to upgrade from an Xbox One to an Xbox One S.

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