One of the hottest items on shoppers’ Black Friday lists this year is the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, an item (depending on where you live) that has been notoriously hard to find. While stockpiles of the console have been spotted in different countries, the new NES device has been quickly selling out at retailers here in the United States.

The tiny console launched on November 11th, and quickly disappeared on store shelves across the country. If you are shopping for the NES Classic Edition, there are a few outlets that you will want to keep an eye on to give you the nest chance of picking one up for the holidays.

Walmart has stated that it will keep the console in-stock all week, but there is a catch. It seems that the retailer is using the demand for the NES Classic to drive customers to its website, so Walmart is drip-feeding its stock a little at a time each day. While this gives you more chances to grab the console, it does seem that Walmart isn’t actually selling more units, it’s just limiting how many are sold each day. In order to get the best chance, you will want to start checking the website’ product page at about 4:45pm ET each day, and at around 5pm the item will go back on sale on the company’s website. Walmart didn’t go into specifics on how many units will be available each day, but you can try your luck. To stalk the sales page you will want to go this page on

Amazon has been quiet about its stock of the NES Classic Edition, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more and more become available over Black Friday weekend. Much like eBay, you can grab one from second-hand sellers on Amazon, but it will cost you. Some sellers are offering units from $100 to $200. You will want to keep an eye on Amazon’s product page to watch the pricing, there’s a good chance that you can grab one on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, and if you really need one, you might get away with just paying double. You can find Amazon’s official listing here on

Now eBay is most likely going to be the most expensive market for the NES Console, and while it is awesome, we can’t justify the $250 price-point that some users are asking. Many of the auctions start around $250, so we still think Amazon’s second-hand option would be a better route to take this holiday season.

Gamestop is another site to watch this holiday weekend. Not only is the retailer offering up the console in a Standard Version for $59, you can grab the “NES Classic Edition Comprehensive Bundle” for a little over $100, or the “Nintendo NES Classic Edition and Classic Controller Bundle” for just $69.

The NES Classic Edition offers 30 great NES games, a replica of the original NES controller, and three display modes (including one that makes your fancy hi-def display look like a retro tube TV). The console also offers Suspend Points for easy on-the-spot saving. The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition was launched with a suggested retail price of only $59.99.