We are just a few days out from Black Friday, and whether you plan to start working on your gift-giving list (or just want to shop for yourself) Corsair is a one-stop shop for any PC lover looking to grab new gear. The company has become a popular brand with users hoping to upgrade their custom rigs, but Corsair has also made a name for itself by selling mice, headsets and keyboards.

The company is currently keeping its Black Friday deals a secret, but is sending out several emails to registered users telling them that select merchandise will be marked down up to 60% leading up to the big shopping season.

The company didn’t go into exact specifics yet, you will have to sign-up to the mailing list to get an inside-scoop on the sales, but the email did have pictures of the new K55 Keyboard, the Scimitar RGB gaming mouse, and the popular Corsair VOID headset.

Corsair enthusiasts will want to sign-up for the sales promotion (link below) and hopefully we will see markdowns on a few of Corsair’s newer products. If we are lucky we will see a promotional sale for items like the Crystal 460X case that was introduced this year, or even a markdown on the slightly older Carbide series. Other high-profile items to look for on the sales list would be the H115i IO cooling system, or even the HD120 fan-set.

We wouldn’t hold our breath but maybe, just maybe, there could even be a small promotion for Corsair’s AIO liquid cooled GeForce 1080 and/or GeForce 1070 graphic card system with MSI. Again we wouldn’t count on it, but you never know. If you are looking to upgrade your current rig, cooling system, storage, or mouse and keyboard setup, then you will definitely want to sign up for early access on the Corsair website. You can simply fill out the sign-up sheet and you will be good to go.