If you are a fan of mystery-thrillers and/or historical crime-dramas, there is new podcast to accompany you on your daily commute. “Stranglers” is the newest podcast from Earwolf, and the series investigates the crime spree that gripped Boston and the nation in the 1960s.

Looking at new evidence, “Stranglers” takes a look at the investigation through a 12-part podcast. The company stated, “With innovative storytelling that introduces listeners to the victims, brings them to the crime scenes and seats them at the table during the police investigation, listeners can’t help but ask if the Boston Strangler was ever brought to justice.”

Earwolf created “Stranglers” in partnership with TV network, Investigation Discovery. The series explores many inconsistencies in the case, raising significant new doubts about who was responsible for the 13 horrific murders that terrorized the city from July 1962 through January 1964.The audio documentary explores the real possibility that the lone suspect in the case might not have been the only killer.

The first episode of the podcast is available now on iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast platforms.

The crimes prompted the largest police investigation in Massachusetts history. Host and journalist Portland Helmich recreates the intense atmosphere by delving closely into the lives of the victims and the graphic nature in which they all died. She re-examines the evidence and talks with surviving key figures, including the reporters who originally covered the case, the police who worked furiously to solve it, and terrified witnesses who claim to have met the Strangler himself.

Ultimately, handyman Albert DeSalvo confessed to the murders and went to prison, but he never went to trial. Through the series’ twists and turns, Stranglers probes: Was DeSalvo really the killer? Was there more than one Strangler? And did the Boston Police Department and the FBI do everything necessary to find and stop the killer or killers?

“Twelve of these cases are still unsolved,” said Helmich. “We’re not just trying to figure out who did it, though. We’re trying to put a human face on the women who died and learn from the past. This story is epic. In that sense, it’s instructive, too.”

“Podcasting is the perfect medium for connecting a new generation of long-form narrative journalism fans with one of the most infamous crimes of the last 100 years,” said Chris Bannon, chief content officer for Midroll. “The Boston Strangler murders changed the way the media and the nation talked about crime. This sound-rich perspective on this historic story will have so much appeal for both podcasting fans and people new to the medium who love a really good story.”

Helmich is an accomplished television and radio host and producer whose work has appeared on the Hallmark Channel, Oxygen, WGBH TV and Radio, NPR’s “Morning Edition,” NPR’s “All Things Considered,” and APM’s “Marketplace.”

“Stranglers” is a co-production of Earwolf, audio production house Northern Light Productions and Investigation Discovery. The podcast is based on the documentary “Confessions of the Boston Strangler,” produced by Investigation Discovery. You can watch the trailer for the podcast on the official Earwolf Youtube Channel, or watch it below.

The first episode of “Stranglers” is available now. Earwolf will release new episodes on Wednesdays through February, with a break on Dec. 28.