This year’s election was one of the most watched in television history, driving record-ratings to networks as Americans were glued to their screens to see would become our next President. In hindsight we know that Trump would take the win, but election night was a nail-biter, right down to the final moments. That elevated interest in our political system also drove traffic to websites, including social-media platforms and political outlets like never before.

Twitter and BuzzFeed News joined-up this year to tackle the election news and conversation for the younger generation, and the company’s announced Tuesday’s Election Night special “Election Night Live: We did it America” live stream reached 6.8 million unique viewers. This was the most-viewed U.S. election related live stream on Twitter, surpassing unique viewer totals for U.S. political convention and presidential debate live streams.

The broadcast, which aired exclusively on Twitter as part of a partnership between Twitter and Buzzfeed, had an average minute audience (AMA) of 165K viewers globally, peaking at 244K concurrent viewers. According to Twitter, a unique viewer is defined as a person who watches the video 100% in view for at least three seconds.

The live coverage attracted a young, mobile audience, with 83% of logged-in live viewers under the age of 35, and 73% of all viewers on mobile devices.

BuzzFeed News’ Election Night special featured more than six hours of coverage including interviews with guests, crafted live-segments, and of course, the latest news on the election. Throughout the broadcast, a number of BuzzFeed News reporters provided their perspective on the night from key places across the country and the world.

The broadcast, produced by Bruce Perlmutter, also featured political and celebrity influencers including President Obama, star of Scandal Tony Goldwyn, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, American civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson, former Jeb Bush communications director Tim Miller, on-air personality Miss Info, comedian Seaton Smith, and president of Voto Latino María Teresa Kumar.

Tuesday was also the most-Tweeted election day ever, with more than 75 million global election-related Tweets sent from before polls opened to just after president-elect Donald Trump’s 3am ET speech.