Zendaya officially launched her new clothing line this week, which is called “Daya by Zendaya.” The new line will be available through the official website at dayabyzendaya.com. Just yesterday Disney Channel announced that Zendaya’s popular series “K.C. Undercover” was renewed, and in a few months Zendaya will have her big premiere as Mary-Jane in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Zendaya spoke about the renewal stating, “I’m happy I get to continue making positive television for kids all over the world. Stay tuned for season three – it’s going to be next level!”

“Daya by Zendaya is a true reflection of me and my crazy life. One moment I’m Michael Kors’ date to the Met Gala…the next moment I’m in joggers, grocery shopping and arguing with my niece about what quinoa is… you’ll see it all,” said Zendaya.

In an announcement released today, the company detailed the new line stating, “From flattering silhouettes to classic yet contemporary pieces to sophisticated streetwear, Daya by Zendaya provides versatility for work and play.” The announcement added, “The women’s collection celebrates gender fluidity and elegant androgyny with transitional, unisex pieces and embraces all body types with extended sizing (0-22). In addition to a diverse shoe collection, wardrobe staples such as tank tops, bomber jackets, body suits, dresses, blazers and coats offer consumers the opportunity to dress for virtually every occasion, with prices ranging from $18 to $158.”

You can view the collection by visiting DayabyZendaya.com. Zendaya will officially unveil Daya by Zendaya with surprise appearances for fans at three pop up store locations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles on Saturday, November 5.