The CW will be adding Talia al Ghul to its growing cast of DC characters in the near future. The popular assassin will make an appearance in an upcoming episode of “Arrow” on the CW.

It’s an interesting addition, as many comic-book fans know, since Arrow and Talia have quite a complicated relationship in the original comics. The CW made the casting confirmation earlier today, announcing that Lexa Doig (V) will be taking on the role of the super-assassin.

For some quick backstory, Talia is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. She is also the half-sister of Arrow’s wife Nyssa. DC comics also confirmed the role this morning, describing Talia as, “an elite warrior who doesn’t pick sides but rather creates her own.” The publisher went on to say, “She’ll make her first appearance in the tenth episode of Arrow this season and will be appearing in multiple episodes.”

So that leaves a lot of questions, and a lot of possibilities on how Arrow will react to Talia being thrown into the mix. Talia isn’t always the bad-guy, but she is rarely the good-guy in any scenario. Much like Catwoman, the popular assassin usually just plays by her own rules, and does what she wants. That of course makes her one of the more popular characters in the DC Universe.

While Talia does have a complex relationship with Oliver Queen, her relationship with Batman is even more complicated – and intimate. Unfortunately “Arrow” and “Gotham” air on different networks, and take place in separate timeframes, so we shouldn’t expect those series to overlap anytime soon. Arrow often shares a universe with its CW neighbors, which are “The Flash” and the newly added “Supergirl”.

More information on the first Talia episode will be released over the next few weeks, until then fans are free to speculate how the assassin and our bow-slinging hero will interact.