One of the growing benefits of Amazon Prime is using the Amazon Dash Button, a one-press solution to ordering items that you frequently need/buy. I have quite a few set-up in my house, ready to order everything from cat-litter to trash bags and paper-towels.

The system is pretty straightforward, you buy a $4.99 dash button and your first order gets a discount of $4.99, making the device free the moment you use it. Each dash-button comes from a certain brand, so if you buy the ‘Wellness’ brand Dash Button for example, there are dozens of Wellness brand items you can set it up to buy. Each device is paired with one-item of your choosing, and once set-up it’s just one-click away.

You connect the button to your home wi-fi using the Amazon App on your phone, once paired, you tell it which item to buy every-time you press it. There are safeguards in place to prevent unwanted buying, like having the device notify you on your phone every time someone presses it (giving you time to cancel if it was an accident), and you can stop it from allowing multiple orders all together. They are part of a terrific ecosystem of one-button ordering, and more brands are joining in on the action.

If you want to change which item is ordered with the Dash button, or the size or quantity, you can do so easily through the same Amazon mobile app on your device.

The Amazon Dash Button ( is all about buying the everyday essentials and, today, Amazon added more than 60 new brands to the program. New additions include Bai, Cheez-It, Folgers, Fresh Kitty, Meow Mix, Milk Bone, PoopBags, Pop-Tarts, Powerade, PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes, ZonePerfect, and many others.

“We’re thrilled to see more and more Prime members experiencing the convenience of Dash Button and restocking their everyday essentials with a simple press of a button – from toilet paper to coffee and dish soap to snacks. As a result, we’re seeing exponential growth for the program and orders increased over 5x in the last year,” said Daniel Rausch, Director of Amazon Dash.

In addition to adding brands in the US today, the program also recently expanded internationally – in August, it launched in Austria, Germany, and the UK, and Dash Buttons for a majority of brands there sold out in a single day.

An increasing number of Prime members are using Dash Button as well. In fact, Amazon stated that a majority of Amazon orders are made via Dash Button for popular items from brands such as Hefty, Peet’s Coffee, and ARM & HAMMER. Customers will now find even more brands to choose from across a variety of new beverages and pantry essentials, as well as pet treats and personal care items like toothbrush heads and dry shampoo.

“Customers never want to reach for a new trash bag and find out the box is empty – with Dash Button, we’re helping ensure our customers never go through that dreaded moment,” said Brandi Pitts, Head of eCommerce, Reynolds Consumer Products. “And the program has been so successful that for some of our products, orders via Dash Button for Hefty now occur more often than orders on the website.”

“We’re excited at the number of Peet’s Dash Buttons out there, allowing Peet’s fans (‘Peetniks’) to consistently get the freshest coffee when they want it,” said Alison Zamanian, Sr. Manager, E-Commerce, Peet’s Coffee. “A significant number of Amazon orders for favorites, like French Roast and Sumatra K-Cup Packs, are now placed with a Dash Button.”

A few other brands that are joining the program are Amazon Basic items like Batteries, pet supplies and Gift Cards, as well as Coke products, cosmetics, teas, Wonderful Pistachios and many more.

You can review the program and start your own one-button dash collection on the official Amazon site at