After releasing the first movie-poster and revealing the title earlier this month, FOX has finally released the first official trailer for ‘Logan’ – the final Wolverine installment starring Hugh Jackman.

The video shows a different Wolverine than the previous films, still just as broody as ever, but older and worn. Patrick Stewart returns to the franchise as Charles Francis Xavier, though he too has aged and is suffering from Alzheimer’s, in the trailer he is shown under the care of Wolverine. The entirety of the video is scored by Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Hurt,’ originally written for the band Nine Inch Nails.

Joining Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in this new installment will be Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant and Dafne Keen. The film itself was written by James Mangold. You can watch the first official trailer for the film below, thanks to an early morning upload from the studio.

The film will take place in the year 2024, as Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier deal with the loss of the X-MEN. The world is in turmoil, as an evil corporation is taking over the governments. The young girl in the trailer is Laura Kinney, a female clone of Wolverine. This is probably setting up the new franchise, as in the comics, when a female Wolverine takes over the role.

Fans of the comics will of course know more than the fans of just the films going into the new installment, but we won’t spoil anything for you. The movie is expected to follow many of the same plot-points that the comics created during the Wolverine comic’s transition to a female protagonist, with Wolverine’s powers slowly fading and Xavier forgetting more and more about the X-Men.

As previously announced, this is set to be Hugh Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine, a role that he has had since ‘X-Men’ in 2000. Now Jackman is finally hanging up the claws and moving on from the Wolverine films, though he could always come back in a small-role for the franchise down the road.