Obviously ‘Scream’ is a perfect fit if you are looking for some Halloween streaming this year, and MTV is giving the show a two-hour special for fans to enjoy. The popular series will host a new 2-hour special this Halloween season, and it picks up eight months after Kieran’s (Amadeus Serafini) arrest.

In the episode, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) is struggling to focus on her future and who she really is after everything that has happened. Meanwhile, Noah (John Karna) and Stavo (Santiago Segura) have combined forces to create a best-selling graphic novel based on the Kieran Wilcox murders and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) has found herself in a new relationship.

Since the first anniversary of Piper’s killing spree is upon us, Emma and her friends are determined to be as far from Lakewood as possible and Stavo has the perfect solution. He and Noah are researching for their next graphic novel, a Lizzy Borden-esque legend on Shallow Grove Island, and suggest the rest of the group come along for the weekend.

Of course just when they thought they were safe, the Lakewood survivors find themselves in another bloody standoff, leaving them to wonder – is an old legend coming back to life or has murder followed them from Lakewood?”

If you need a reminder for the current season, season 2 picks up when Emma finally returns to Lakewood. The character has been away at a retreat for several months, recuperating from the tragic events that took place last season. So with Emma back in the fold, it’s clear that not everyone knows exactly how to deal with her – leading many to wonder if she is going to snap at any moment. Audrey has a secret connection to the killer, but she hasn’t told anyone despite someone obviously knowing the truth.

Then there are Brooke and Jake, the two lovebirds are keeping things under-wraps from Mayor Maddox while Noah investigates the season 1 murders.

If you need to set a reminder to watch the two-hour special, it airs on October 18, 2016 at 9pm.